Island Grill Sports Live Event Production


Production Services



 - Live Remote Video Production

      - HD and 4K

           - Multi Camera Switched Production

           - Single Camera

           - Jib Crane / RC camera head

           - Graphics Generation

           - Pre-Produced Media Play Out

           - Replay

           - Sound Engineering

              - Front & Back of House

     - Live To Broadcast

           - Network Television

           - Live Web Streaming

           - Venue Image Projection



  Island Grill Sports provides live broadcast productions to events held across the nation.   Whether the project is corporate promotional event in a convention center, or a live sports contest in an open air stadium, Island Grill Sports provides HD and 4K quality broadcasts.  Island Grill Sports facilitates multi-camera, switched productions of a major event to a single camera feed of a staged press conference.  Whether the output is broadcast via traditional transmission forms of a satellite, fiber optic, a microwave feed or a broadband web stream, or an in venue image projection screen, Island Grill Sports handles all of our client's live event needs.


  When the event begins your audience will

  experience the feel of a high performance

  rock concert.  This is not your normal

  power point presentation.  3D animations,

  high definition video, and amazing sound

  engineering will provide your audience a

  great experience.



         Below is a small sample of

         Island Grill Sports Clientele.


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